Monday, April 30, 2012

Looking someone in the eye

I was at an Admin Forum recently and we had an excellent speaker who talked about how to have better communications in the workplace.  He stressed the use of a good firm handshake and the importance of  looking the person in the eye so you could see their eye colour.  I was up next speaking on a panel and told the audience something my grandson had said when he was looking into my eyes.

He was on my lap and gazing in my eyes as only a three year old can.  I of course was thinking he was looking at me because he was so happy that I had come to see him and was probably thinking how much he loved me.  He finally piped up, "Granny, you have red cracks in your eyes!" 


Victor said...

I often myself shy to look into peoples eyes for more than 2 seconds. Any advise on how to overcome that will be highly appreciated. Thanks

Patricia Robb said...

You don't want to stare but looking into someone's eyes tells them you are listening and they have your complete attention. I find it also adds warmth to the conversation. It is hard to be angry at someone who is looking you in the eye.
Look away now and again for both of your comfort levels but try it and see how much more you will see in that person. I find it helps me to see people as human and that makes it an instant connection.