Saturday, February 13, 2010

What's in a name

My first week on the job at a law firm and it was getting complicated.  The lawyer I was working for was named Russel (with one L).  We were working on a case and the lawyer on the other side was named Russell as well (but with two L's).  Then the mediator on the case was Mr. Russell -- Ugh! It was difficult to keep everyone straight.

Names can be comical at times. I once worked with a Mr. Smellie, Mr. Butt and my chiropractor's name was Dr. Dick. Sometimes names can strike me as funny...especially if I am tired.

Another man I worked for was named Ray Zerr.  You have to wonder what his mother was thinking...

I remember one of my bosses telling me that his neighbour, who was named Hazel, married someone with the last name Nutt, which of course would make her married name Hazel Nutt. Hmmm!

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