Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself...

The other day I was at the gym and wanted to weigh myself.  I forgot to bring my glasses so was standing as far away as I could to be able to see the numbers.  I yelled out to my friend that I certainly hadn't gained any weight as the scale was not moving.  She started laughing and called out, "Pat, you have to be standing on it for it to work."  I was standing so far back I had forgotten to step back on the scale.  Of course there were other people in the locker room so I said with chagrin, "Now that's a little bit embarrassing."  They all started laughing and said they were definitely laughing with me, not at me. 

Another friend said she asked an IT person to help her with a site she was having difficulty logging into.  He asked her to log off her computer so he could set it up and he would let her know when she could log back on.  After about 45 minutes she still had not heard from him so finally called and asked if she could log on again as she was busy and had to get some things done.  Much to his embarrassment he said that without thinking he had sent her an e-mail a few minutes after they had spoken to let her know she could log back on."  Oops!

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